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Our Playsets

We sincerely believe in the value of free play for children’s health and development. Patiova Playsets are carefully crafted in Lancaster County, PA, with high-quality workmanship from primarily USA components and are environmentally friendly, from the roof to the floor.

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Wood Playsets

Our wood playsets are harvested stateside by companies who have aggressive environmental programs in place. Our treated wood uses  non-arsenic based, environmentally safe preservatives to combine the natural beauty of real wood with proven long-lasting resistance to termites and fungal decay. It can be painted or stained if desired and will benefit from periodic water repellent coatings for best appearance.

Vinyl Playsets

Our vinyl playsets are made out of Premium-grade recycled plastic lumber that is manufactured from recycled HDPE (high-Density Polyethylene) plastic, and is sourced from post-consumer recyclables like milk jugs
and laundry detergent bottles. You will feel great about the positive impact you’re
having on the environment and helping
to save the planet!

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